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AAPPAC                       Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres

ABC                             Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ACT                              Australian Capital Territory

ACTEW                        ACT Electricity and Water

ACTPS                          ACT Public Service

AM                              Member of the Order of Australia

ANU                             Australian National University

ANZAC                         Australian New Zealand Army Corps

AO                               Officer of the Order of Australia

APACA                         Australian Performing Arts Centres Association

ARins                           Attraction and Retention Initiatives

ASO                             Administrative Services Officer

AWA                            Australian Workplace Agreement

BA                                Bachelor of Arts

BSc                              Bachelor of Science

CALD                           Culturally and linguistically diverse

CAPO                           Capital Arts Patrons’ Organisation

CBD                             Canberra Business District

CBC                             Canberra Business Chamber

CCB                             Canberra Convention Bureau

CEFI                             Chief Executive Officer Financial Instruction

CEO                             Chief Executive Officer

CFC                              Cultural Facilities Corporation

CFO                             Chief Financial Officer

CMAG                          Canberra Museum and Gallery

CMTEDD                     Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

CNG                             Compressed Natural Gas

CPI                               Consumer Price Index

CPSU                            Community and Public Sector Union

DISACT                        Disaster ACT

EBA                              Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

EDRMS                        Electronic Document Records Management System

EPD                              Environment and Planning Directorate

ESD                              Ecologically Sustainable Development

FBT                              Fringe Benefits Tax

FCP                              Fraud Control Plan

FTE                              Full Time Equivalent

FM                               Financial Management

FMA                             Financial Management Act 1996

FM                               Frequency Modulation

FTE                              Full time equivalent

GHG                             Green House Gas

GPO                             Government Payment for Outputs

GSO                             General Services Officer

GST                              Goods and Services Tax

HBU                             Highest Best Use

HR                               Human Resources

ICOMOS                      International Council on Monuments and Sites

IAS                               Fine Art Logistics Pty Limited T/A International Art Service

IT                                 Information Technology

Kg                                Kilogram

kWh                             kilowatt hour

LED                              Light-emitting diode              

LPA                              Live Performance Australia

LPG                              Liquid Petroleum Gas

MBA                            Master of Business Administration

MWh                           megawatt hour

MEAA                          Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

MLA                             Member of the Legislative Assembly

NSW                            New South Wales

AM                              Member of the Order of Australia

PhD                              Doctor of Philosophy

PO                               Professional Officer

QUT                             Queensland University of Technology

RED                             Respect, Equity and Diversity

S                                  Section

SEA                              Special Employment Arrangement

SES                               Senior Executive Service

SMS                             Safety Management System

SOG                             Senior Officer Grade

SPO                              Senior Professional Officer

SRMP                           Strategic Risk Management Plan

t                                   tonne

the Centre                   Canberra Theatre Centre

UK                                United Kingdom

VET                              Vocational Education and Training

VIC                               Victoria

VIP                               Very Important Person

WHS                            Work Health and Safety