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Mr Gordon Ramsay MLA
Minister for the Arts and Community Events
ACT Legislative Assembly

We are pleased to present to you the 2016-17 Annual Report of the Cultural Facilities Corporation (CFC), which has been prepared in accordance with Section 7(2) of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 and according to the framework of the Annual Report Directions. The document has been prepared in conformity with other legislation applicable to the preparation of the Annual Report by the CFC.

We hereby certify that the attached Annual Report, and information provided by the CFC for whole of government reporting, are honest and accurate, and that all material information on the operations of the CFC has been included for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. We also certify that fraud prevention has been managed in accordance with the Public Sector Management Standards 2006, Part 2.

Section 13 of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 requires that you present the Report to the ACT Legislative Assembly within 15 weeks after the end of the reporting year.

We are pleased to advise you that the CFC achieved excellent outcomes during 2016-17.  We achieved all of our performance targets for the year, and in some cases significantly surpassed these; achieved better than budget results; and completed all our 2016-17 capital works and capital upgrade projects, allowing us to acquit 100% of our capital works funding for the year.  Our good financial results during the year allowed us to make a further addition of $300,000 to the Theatre Reserve at year end.  This reserve was established by the CFC to assist us in managing fluctuations in the performing arts industry, and to offset the financial risk associated with major theatre programming ventures, allowing us to bring a wider range of shows to Canberra.

In achieving these results, we continued to pursue our vision : for Canberra to be a creative capital that values the arts for their intrinsic qualities, their contribution to building a more inclusive and resilient society, their support for making the city an exciting place to live and an attractive destination for business and tourism, and their important role in the economy of the ACT and region. 

Major activities for the year included : the programming of large theatre productions such as Velvet, Ladies in Black and The Nutcracker; the presentation of major Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) exhibitions such as Peace, Love & World War : The Denmans, Empire and Australia 1910-1917 and Michael Taylor : A survey 1963-2016, together with touring several CMAG exhibitions to interstate venues, notably INK REMIX: Contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to the Museum of Brisbane; and the presentation of major events at the historic sites managed by the CFC, such as the Lanyon Christmas Carols and Picnic and the Sylvia Curley Oration at Mugga-Mugga.  Through these and many other activities, we welcomed over 530,000 people to our venues and programs during 2016-17.

During the year, the CFC continued to work closely with other ACT Government agencies on initiatives to plan future directions of the city centre and the future provision of cultural facilities in Civic, including new theatre facilities, within the framework of the City Plan. The CFC also worked in collaboration with the developers of the new Constitution Place project and participated in the planning of Light Rail, in order to maximise the benefits of these projects for the CFC’s city-based facilities.  A further area of strategic focus was the CFC’s partnership with independent arts advocacy body The Childers Group, in developing a forum focused on valuing the arts.

In providing this Annual Report to you, we acknowledge that the CFC’s achievements in 2016-17 were only made possible through the efforts of many people.  It is our great pleasure to recognise their efforts here.

Firstly we thank our fellow Board members, who provided direction and guidance to the CFC throughout the year.  The Board operated at full strength during 2016-17.  We welcomed the reappointment of Ms Robyn Hendry for a further term in September 2016, since this allows the CFC to continue to benefit from her skills in areas such as business development, tourism and hospitality.

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, we are ably supported by the very dedicated and skilled staff of the CFC.  It is a pleasure to work with them and we take this opportunity to express our appreciation of their efforts and our congratulations for all they have achieved.

The CFC benefits from the generosity, assistance and support of many volunteers, including the members of our three advisory committees.  We record our gratitude for the contribution made by committee members during the year, a contribution that is provided on a voluntary basis.

Other volunteers made a vital contribution to the work of Lanyon, Calthorpes’ House and Mugga-Mugga, including the National Trust volunteers at Lanyon. 

Finally, we are pleased to acknowledge the contribution of our principal funding agencies and our many sponsors, donors and supporters.  The CFC receives its major funding from the ACT Government.  This major funding is welcomed and appreciated. 

Our sponsors and donors again provided generous support for the CFC’s activities.  The CFC was grateful for the extent of donations to CMAG, including monetary donations by private individuals such as longstanding donor Meredith Hinchliffe, and donations of works of art, such as a major eight part print by Mike Parr, Ultima thule, 2011 (Printer, John Loane), donated by Sara Kelly.  The CFC acquired Masahiro Asaka’s glass sculpture Surge 19, 2015, which won the inaugural Hindmarsh Glass Prize, with funds donated by CFC Chairman John Hindmarsh and Rosanna Hindmarsh.  We were fortunate to enjoy the support of many other sponsors and donors, too numerous to mention here but documented in full in this Annual Report.

The efforts and commitment of the CFC’s Board, staff, volunteers, sponsors and supporters continue to be vital in pursuing our role of providing cultural leadership, enriching the cultural life of Canberra, and delivering the highest standards of service to the community. 

We commend this Annual Report to you and look forward to the year ahead.

Yours sincerely

John Hindmarsh signature

John Hindmarsh AM
Cultural Facilities Corporation

4 October 2017

Harriet Elvin signature
Harriet Elvin
Chief Executive Officer
Cultural Facilities Corporation

4 October 2017