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Compliance Statement

The Cultural Facilities Corporation’s (CFC) Annual Report must comply with the Annual Report Directions (the Directions) made under section 8 of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004.  The Directions are found at the ACT Legislation Register :

The Compliance Statement indicates the subsections, under Parts 1 to 5 of the Directions, that are applicable to the CFC and the location of information that satisfies these requirements.

Part 1 Directions Overview

The requirements under Part 1 of the Directions relate to the purpose, timing and distribution, and records keeping of annual reports.  The CFC’s Annual Report complies with all subsections of Part 1 under the Directions.

In compliance with section 13 Feedback, Part 1 of the Directions, contact details for the CFC are provided within the CFC’s Annual Report to provide readers with the opportunity to provide feedback.

Part 2 Reporting entity Annual Report Requirements

The requirements within Part 2 of the Directions are mandatory for all reporting entities and the CFC complies with all subsections.  The information that satisfies the requirements of Part 2 is found in the CFC’s Annual Report as follows :

·         A. Transmittal Certificate;

·         B. Organisational Overview and Performance, inclusive of all subsections; and

·         C. Financial Management Reporting, inclusive of all subsections.

Part 3 Reporting by Exception

The CFC has nil information to report by exception under Part 3 of the Directions for the 2019–20 reporting year.

Part 4 Reporting entity Specific Annual Report Requirements

The following subsection of Part 4 of the 2019 Directions is applicable to the CFC.

·         Ministerial and Director‐General Directions
The CFC has nil information to report for the 2019–20 reporting period.

Part 5 Whole of Government Annual Reporting

All subsections of Part 5 of the Directions apply to the CFC.  Consistent with the Directions, the information satisfying these requirements is reported in the one place for all ACT Public Service directorates, as follows :

·         Bushfire Risk Management, see the annual report of the Justice and Community Safety Directorate;

·         Human Rights, see the annual report of the Justice and Community Safety Directorate;

·         Legal Services Directions, see the annual report of the Justice and Community Safety Directorate; and

·         Territory Records, see the annual report of Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic, Development Directorate.

Part 6 State of the Service report

·         Public Sector Standards and Workforce Profile, see the annual State of the Service Report.

ACT Public Service Directorate annual reports are found at the following web address :